The second most widely used system of medicine in the world

People often ask what is homeopathy?

Simply put, homeopathy is a form of medicine that uses very small amounts of a substance, to trigger a healing response in the body.

When we are ill or injured - whether physically, mentally or emotionally - the body and mind will always start its own healing response.

However, sometimes this process can be slowed down or even stopped by our response to other influences such as grief, shock or trauma.

This is where homeopathy comes in.

What happens when I see a Homeopath?

During the consultation, I will ask you questions about you, your health and lifestyle, diet and family medical history. This is to help me find the homeopathic remedy that best matches your individual symptoms.

People often say that they enjoy their time with their homeopath, as it is an hour out of a busy day that you have to talk about yourself in a safe, comfortable space.

At the end of the consultation I will prescribe a homeopathic remedy, or remedies for you. These are in the form of tiny, tasteless pills, which are easy to take.

I recommend a follow up consultation 4 weeks after.

Safe, gentle, sustainable

Homeopathic remedies are made from substances diluted to very small amounts.

These medicines are manufactured according to strict pharmacological methods, and are safe, non-toxic and have no side effects. They work gently with the body, helping its own healing abilities.

Homeopathy is safe and easy to use to use for babies, children, women during pregnancy - in fact, homeopathy can be used by everyone.

Homeopathy is used to treat animals by many pet owners, vets and farmers.

A sustainable medicine, homeopathy is as gentle on the planet as it is with you.

Homeopathic remedies are complementary medicines and will work safely alongside conventional medicines.

In the current climate where misinformation about homeopathy in the mainstream media is rife, there is a need for clear communication of the facts about the evidence base for homeopathy.

The Homeopathy Research Institute (HRI) is dedicated to promoting cutting-edge research in homeopathy, using the most rigorous methods available, and communicating the results of such work beyond the usual academic circles.

HRI aims to provide decision makers, academics, healthcare practitioners and patients with reliable, academically sound information about homeopathy www.hri-research.org/

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